Signature Gathering for Ballot Initiative Delayed

Dear Laguna Residents First Supporters:

Today we are announcing that the signature-gathering phase of our proposed ballot initiative will be delayed until the state of emergency over the COVID-19 pandemic has been resolved.

“In light of the state of emergency involving the Coronavirus, we will not ask our supporters to assist gathering signatures during this crisis,”  said George Weiss, a co-founder of the organization.  “We are also concerned that election laws require face-to-face gathering of signatures, which will put people at risk of exposure to the virus.  There is no provision in the state law that would allow this to be done online.”

“This is a minor setback for the initiative, “said David Raber, another of the organization’s co-founders. “We still firmly believe that residents should have a say in very large commercial projects that can forever change the ambiance and value of Laguna Beach, and we are still committed to allowing their voices to be heard.  Once the pandemic is behind us, we will resume the process of bringing a ballot initiative forward so the residents of Laguna can decide.”

Deep-pocketed developers have already started their media campaign to convince residents that Laguna needs to be re-developed and are planing BIG projects.  Residents must have a voice in those decisions. That will be the major focus of our own media campaign, but we can’t succeed without your generous financial support. We will also need funding to fight the legal challenges we expect from the opposition. Please help by making as generous of a contribution as you can right now so that this work can continue

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