Ballot Initiative

Laguna Residents First (LRF) officially started the long process of getting a ballot initiative on the 2022 ballot by submitting it at City Hall. The ballot initiative would enable Laguna voters to establishes an overlay zoning district in Laguna‚Äôs most visible and most used areas of the city.  This new zone would consist of the areas within 750 ft of State Route 133 (Laguna Canyon) or State Route 1 (Coast Highway).   This action is enabled by the California State constitution that allows residents to reserve for their review any aspect of local legislative decisions, including establishing a limited zoning district.  Voters in several other Southern California cities have already established similar provisions.

According to the ballot initiative, large development projects, for example, those as large as the new Museum Hotel proposal across from the Laguna Art Museum would require voter review and approval.  Under the provisions of the initiative, a simple majority vote of residents would be required to give final approval for these large development projects.  The overlay zone also reiterates current height restrictions and requires that traffic and parking impacts be addressed and mitigated. 

Find out more about the ballot initiative.

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