Downtown Action Plan -Remodeling Downtown – Starting by removing all the trees?

The Downtown Action Plan is a report prepared by a consultant to remodel the look and feel of downtown. There are many good aspects of the proposal. There are three that residents are questioning:

The overall cost is now estimated to be over $14 Million Dollars.

Many argue that Broadway could use more immediate help than Forest Avenue. Why not start there? Most residents like the current low-key, welcoming scale, and look and feel of Forest Avenue. If we like what happens to Broadway then we can consider Forest Avenue later?

The plan calls for removing most of the trees on Forest Avenue. That is too dramatic of a change. If the consultant convinces us that we need newer and better-looking trees, then can we stagger the replacement of them over a 10 year period so we can keep some of the shade we currently enjoy there?

Go to the LRF LIBRARY page to read more about the Downtown Action Plan

4 thoughts on “Downtown Action Plan -Remodeling Downtown – Starting by removing all the trees?”

  1. This is how taxpayers moneys, ten million dollars!!, are spent? Ruining Forest Avenue and Broadway??? This is outrageous! We should not let it happen!

  2. Thank you for letting us know. I think it is outrageous to remove mature tree that have not been properly cared for. We need shade and a natural tree lined streets. I thought we were designated a Tree City if so are there not restrictions on the removal of trees. I have to teach but will try and get back to attend. Can we send in public feedback. What about a petition? Let me know what I can do

  3. For a Hundred Years, artists have flocked to Laguna Beach
    for the beauty of the beach, mountains, canyons, and OUR LOVELY TREES! It would be a travesty to cut any Tree down before its natural life span! Trees are OUR LIFELINE. The sidewalks just need to be cleaned and maintained, NOT WIDENED!!!!
    We would have to rename the street to “DEFOREST AVE.” How Awful!
    As the song goes…”they paved paradise and put up a parking lot”!!!
    As a 35 year residence, I would be sickened to see this town ruined any more by taking away the trees that make this community special.We already are starting to look like a ghost town with businesses closing.

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